JavaScript Window Location

JavaScript window location; Through this tutorial, i am going to show you what is javascript window location features and how to use it.

The window.location object can be used to get the current webpage (URL) and to redirect the browser to a new webpage. The window prefix is not necessary but in some cases we need it.

JavaScript Window location Methods

  • window.location.href => get the current webpage.
  • window.location.hostname => get the webhost (domain name).
  • window.location.pathname => get filename path of the current webpage.
  • window.location.protocol => get the web protocol used (http: or https:)
  • window.location.assign => loads a new document.

1: The Window location href

The window.location.href method return the current webpage URL.

var exp = window.location.href;
document.write("Current url of browser =  "+exp);

2: Window Location Hostname

The window.location.hostname method used to which is return the name of the current pages internet host.

var exp = window.location.hostname;
document.write("hostname =  "+exp);
var exp = window.location.hostname;
document.write("hostname =  "+exp);

3: Window Location Pathname

The window.location.pathname method is used for get the pathname of the current webpage.

var exp = window.location.pathname;
document.write("Pathname =  "+exp);

4: Window Location Protocol

The window.location.protocol method is used for get the protocol of the current webpage.

var exp = window.location.protocol;
document.write("Protocol =  "+exp);

5: Window Location Assign

The window.location.assign() method loads a new document.

function newDocument() { 

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