How to check error log in CodeIgniter

To check error log in codeIgniter applications; In this article, we will walk you through the steps to check error logs in CodeIgniter.

How to check error log in CodeIgniter

Using the following steps you can easily check error log in codeigniter applications; as following:

  • Step 1: Locate the Log Files
  • Step 2: Open the Log File
  • Step 3: Review the Log Messages
  • Step 4: Troubleshoot the Error

Step 1: Locate the Log Files

By default, CodeIgniter logs errors and messages to the application/logs folder. The log files are named log-{date}.php, where {date} is the current date. For example, if today is March 4th, 2023, the log file would be named log-20230304.php.

Open the application/logs folder using a file manager or command line interface to access the log files.

Step 2: Open the Log File

Once you have located the log files, open the appropriate log file for the date and time of the error you wish to investigate. The log files can be opened using a text editor or a log viewer.

Step 3: Review the Log Messages

In the log file, you will see the date and time of each logged message, along with the message itself. The log messages are organized by severity level, with errors at the top and informational messages at the bottom.

Each log message includes a severity level (error, warning, debug, or info), a timestamp, and a message. The message may include additional details about the error or warning, such as the file and line number where the error occurred.

Step 4: Troubleshoot the Error

If you have encountered an error in your CodeIgniter application, you can use the log file to help troubleshoot the error. Look for error messages that correspond to the time and date of the error, and review the details of the error message to determine the cause of the error.

If you cannot find the cause of the error in the log file, you may need to enable additional error reporting or debugging tools to diagnose the problem.


Checking error logs in CodeIgniter is a straightforward process. By reviewing the log files, you can diagnose and fix errors that occur during the execution of your CodeIgniter application. Use the steps outlined in this article to access and view error logs in CodeIgniter.

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