How To Install React App On Windows 11/10

To install React JS in Windows 10 instance. In this tutorial, I will provide you two step by step guide. With the help of which you will be able to easily install and setup React in your Windows 10 system. And how to make react app on windows 10 system.

If you want to install React app in your Windows 10 system. So before that make sure that you have node modul and npm node js installed in Windows 10 system or not. And if node js is not installed, then install it by clicking on the link given below. And if the node js is installed, then check the version of the node at the command prompt with the command given below.

So now, you needs to install Nodejs on our windows 10 system. So, please follow the step is to download the Node.js installer for Windows 10. Let’s use the latest Long Term Support (LTS) version for Windows and choose the 64-bit version, using the Windows Installer icon.

The current stable version of Node.js can be downloaded and installed from the official website of node.js that is given below.

If you want to know how to install node js in windows 11/10, you can visit How To Install Node Js In Windows 10(with Images).

Download the latest version and install it. You can choose LTS or latest version.

After the node js installation finished, open your terminal and execute the following command to check versions of node js and npm:

node -v
npm -v

Two Way to Install React JS in Windows 11/10

Let’s get started;

  • Option 1 – Install React JS In Windows 11/10
  • Option 2 – Install React JS In Windows 11/10

Option 1 – Install React JS In Windows 11/10

Let’s use the following first way to install react js in windows11/10:

Step 1 – Create a Directory

Open your terminal and execute the following command to create project directory:

mkdir first-react-app

Step 2 – Move to the project folder

Then, navigate to directory, so open your terminal and execute the following command:

cd first-react-app

Step 3 – Create a package.json file

In this step, The following commandwill walk you through creating a package.json file

npm init

Step 4 – Install React and other modules

In this step, execute the following the following commands to install react in your windows 10 application:

 npm install --save react
 npm install --save react-dom

Option 2 – Install React JS In Windows 11/10

Let’s use the second way to install react js in windows 11/10:

Step 1 – Install Create-React-App Tool

You need to install a tool named create-react-app using NPM as global. This tool is used to create react applications easily from our system.

npm install -g create-react-app

Step 2 – Creating a New React Project

Create react application by executing the following command on terminal:

create-react-app first-react-project

Here first-react-project is the name I have chosen for my react project.

Step 3 – Running the Application

Then start this app by executing npm start command on terminal:

cd first-react-project
npm start

This will opens up the react application in a new tab of our browser with the below URL.


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