This article is going to be very interesting and factual because we are going to discuss the most buzzing and advanced technology in the IT industry named Artificial Intelligence (AI). How Artificial Intelligence has started to rule over the big IT companies and organizations in a few years and how it is set to evolve in 2022? All the machines, businesses, and IT platforms are getting smarter and being optimized day by day by using AI techniques. 

Table of Contents:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence
  • Commonly used AI technologies
  • How is AI impacting the business and the IT industry
  • Growth of AI jobs in Future
  • Sub-domains of AI 
  • Responsibilities of AI engineers
  • Skills required to be a good AI engineer
  • History of AI
  • How AI has evolved in 2022
  • Conclusion

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence refers to some machine or system that works like a human being based on data and embedded algorithms into it. AI-based machines are developed to reduce the human’s effort and time with their smart working techniques. AI is the ability of the system to perform some specific task that would be normally performed by human beings. The algorithm which is embedded in the machines can make decisions, often using real-time data. They use sensors, digital data, and remote inputs to collect information from the outer world and produce responses according to the programmed algorithm. The majority of the big companies and organizations are optimizing their businesses with AI-based technologies like Kiosks, Robots, and much more.

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Commonly used AI Technologies:

Artificial Intelligence is impacting human lives to a good extent. Here are some commonly used AI technologies nowadays:

  • Self-Driving and Parking Vehicles: A technology company named Nvidia uses AI to optimize its cars and enable the feature of analyzing and recognizing the space around the vehicle and also revolutionize how people drive and allow the vehicle to derive themselves. Companies like Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo, and Tesla have used a subset of AI that is deep learning to optimize their cars.
  • Digital Assistants: Nowadays, digital assistants are being used in most houses, companies, even small businesses to perform any specific task like checking their schedules, searching for anything online, sending messages, calling, and much more just by voice recognition. And AI plays a very important role in its excellent work. Siri of Apple, Alexa of Amazon, Cortana of Microsoft are digital assistants which are being used in massive amounts by the users.
  • Robots: AI-powered robots are developed to perform the intended task. Robots are being used in small stores, restaurants, hospitals, and businesses to make their work done very efficiently and quickly by collecting the data from the outer environment and producing the expected results.

How AI is impacting the business and IT industry?

  • Automating Recruitment: The AI automated chatbots are used by companies to recruit new employees by analyzing the response and facial expressions to determine the best employee. 
  • Personalizing sales and Marketing: AI can help in maintaining the records of sales, buying and selling of products, customized emails, and messages and can help in strategic operations by using chatbots and digital robots.
  • Better Customer Experience: Having AI automated bots and kiosks makes your business more professional and interactive that improves the customer experience to a good extent. Firm behavior, less chance of error, interactive environment make the customer come again and again and due to this your business can catch up speed.
  • Less workload: Since humans have the feature of being exhausted and tired but the machines don’t have such feelings. They can work continuously without getting tired except for some technical errors. So this reduces the workload of humans and manages the task very gently.
  • Improve Security: The business starts acquiring trust in the AI automated machines because the chance of crime is reduced so much. 

Growth of AI jobs in the Future:

In the McKinsey report of 2020, it was stated that the AI has been installed in approx 50% of the organization and the biggest share of respondents report income enhanced for stocks, valuing, advancements, client support analytics, and sales.

The latest analytics from analytics insight projects has stated that 20 million available jobs by 2023. This will include Software engineering, data engineering, data mining, data architecture, etc.

AI is reshaping the future of the world virtually for the companies, industries, organizations, and the individual as well.

Various sub-domains of Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Machine Learning: In machine learning the machine are automated to make decisions based on experience. The conclusion of the machines is based on experience patterns and given data without any involvement of human beings. The machines are taught how to make decisions based on past experiences.
  2. Deep Learning: Deep learning is a technique that teaches the machine to process the input data through layers to predict the conclusion. It is much like the Machine Learning technique.
  3. Neural Networks: Neural network is a model that works much like the human neural cell in the brain. There are artificial neurons that are connected in hierarchical form and perform communication with humans in their language.
  4. Computer Vision: It trains the computer to understand the visual world. The results are based on the digital images, videos, and deep learning from the outer world by the camera. Computer Vision is used in face recognition, processing the live actions of games like chess, football, etc.

Responsibilities of AI Engineers:

AI engineers develop the AI models by using different subdomains like deep learning, machine learning, etc.

  • They convert the machine learning modules to the API(Application Programming Interface).
  • Create the data ingestion and data transformation infrastructure.
  • Do operations based on statistical analysis and shape the results based on the organization’s demand.
  • Manage and set the AI development and product infrastructure.
  • Coordinate with the team and work as a good employee.

Skills required to be a good AI engineer:

  • Technical skills: Must know the languages like Python, Java, C+,+, and so on. The technical skill needs knowledge about Linear Algebra, Probability, Statistics, Spark, and Big data technologies. 
  • Nontechnical skills: This includes communication and problem-solving skills.

History of Artificial Intelligence.

The term AI was first conceived in 1956 at Dartmouth College. Marvin Minsky was very concerned about the future technology that the government was not funding towards the AI from 1974-1980. But the role of AI came back later in the 1980s when the British government started funding AI again to AI. And AI returned with an ‘Expert System’ that was programmed for decision-making ability based on human intelligence. From 1993to 2011, AI was in the emergence period. In 2012 Google launched “Google Now”, an Android app feature. And since then, Artificial Intelligence has been created to a remarkable level with various concepts like deep learning, big data, data science, etc. Companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, and Amazon have developed amazing devices which are being used by people at a large scale.

How the Artificial Intelligence has set to evolve in 2022?

 AI has a long way to go and attain human-level intelligence. Big companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are investing billions of dollars to enhance the future of AI.

One firm has created an AI software that may predict the structure of proteins and analyze the higher understanding of drugs and illness. Also, experts want AI automation in Language fashion that may develop convincing textual content, interact with people and reply to the question with some extra set of advancement towards it. 

The machine learning scientist named Catherin Breslin who used to work in Amazon has the ideology that the tech will race towards larger and bigger fashion subsequent in 12 months.

Breslin, who works with AI consultancy agency Kingfisher Labs, suggested that there will be some transformation towards the fashions that include speech and language functionality and much more. 

The co-author of the annual State of AI report named Nathan Benaich has suggested that there will probably be a new breed of firms that will use language fashions to predict the simplest RNA (Ribonucleic acid) series. Last year people experienced the impact of RNA technologies as novel covid vaccines. In the future, perhaps people will get to see a new crop of AI-first RNA therapeutic companies by using the models to predict the most effective RNA sequence to eliminate the disease and can discover new drugs and vaccines.

It is analyzed by IT experts that in the future, AI will be expected to detect life-threatening diseases, predict the weather condition in a large area, become the digital collaborator to the human race, and much more. AI will soon become a normal part of human life. 


Artificial Intelligence has become very warm technology on every platform and it is still evolving. The future of AI is very advanced and beneficial for businesses and even for small companies and organizations. Most businesses have implemented AI in their business to drive their business name at the peak in the market. AI-powered machines are proving as a boon for the IT industry. There are so many AI automated machines developed for the users like Kiosks, Chatbots, Robots, Digital Assistants, Voice recognition kiosks, etc. and still, the IT developer is working on it.

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