Python Import and (I/O) Input Output

Python import, input and output function; Through this tutorial, i am going to show you what is import, input and output functions in python.

Python (I/O) input, output function and import keyword

Let’s explain these input, output functions and import keyword:

Output (Print()) function python

In the python programming, print function is used to display data as output.

Syntax of print function

Print('any text');

Example of output (Print()) function

print('This is output example')

Input (Input()) function in python

In the python programming, input() function is used to take some input by user.

Till now you are not getting any value input from the user. In the upper example and had to insert hard code values in the print function. Now you will tell you how to do the input function. How to take value from end-user

Syntax of input() function


Here, prompt is the string you wish to display on the screen. It is optional.

Example of input function

num = input('Enter a number: ')

When you run this program you will see a prompt, waiting for you to give input. It will take as many characters as you type until Enter is pressed.

Python Import

The python import keyword, which is used to import the prebuild module or another module in your python program.

Example of import keyword

For example, you can import the math module by typing in import math.

import math

Example 2 – import keyword with input

Here you will create a program to calculate squart root of any number in python:

from math import sqrt
var = int(input("Enter a Number: "))
sqt = sqrt(var)

In this example, you have calculated the square root of the user input number by math function sqrt(). So you have imported sqrt() function from the math module in our python program.

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